USACM is committed to ensuring that intellectual property rights are protected. How those rights are enforced can block other, legitimate uses of intellectual property, as many computer science researchers and developers have discovered. USACM encourages policymakers to adopt policies that address specific user behaviors, rather than broadly prohibiting technologies that may be used for both desirable and undesirable purposes. Policy should not prohibit an otherwise beneficial technology just because it can be used for an illegal purpose. Additionally, policymakers need to make sure that fair uses of intellectual property are preserved. Without fair use rights, researchers, students and others cannot effectively exchange knowledge and information.

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Washington News – Alerts and Updates
General Announcements * USACM submitted comments on the NIST roadmap for usability and accessibility of future elections. USACM’s comments highlight the importance of usable and accessible voting technologies and systems and the need to improve and ensure the right of all voters ...Read More

  • (Posted on 11-May-15)
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  • Washington News – Alerts and Updates
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  • Washington News – Alerts and Updates
    * USACM sent congratulatory letters to the three new Commissioners of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission. The letter recommends reestablishing the Technical Guidelines Development Committee, updating the Voluntary Voting Systems Guidelines, updating the testing and certifica ...Read More

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