Internet voting adds additional concerns about security, verifiability and auditability to those already known about electronic voting.  USACM recognizes the difficulties faced by overseas and uniformed citizens when trying to vote, but cautions against voting systems that have no capability for a reliable post-election audit or recount.  Delivering a blank ballot or blank registration form over the Internet poses fewer concerns than delivering completed ballots or registration forms; and would help reduce the time required to register and vote in accordance with local election laws.

There are steps that can be taken to reduce, but not eliminate, the risks associated with Internet voting.  Using a dedicated Internet voting systems, like a kiosk system, where the computers are set up only for voting, can reduce security and reliability concerns.  However, such systems need some means of preserving the ability to audit and/or recount the votes.  At the present, paper-based systems provide the best available technology to do this.

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